Saturday, August 1, 2009

Perfect Pirouette! 3 QUICK TIPS

This post isn't going to teach you the pirouette basics-- learn these from a teacher in class.

But what it will do is help you go that extra mile (or at least that extra turn!). Hopefully these quick tips will help both the struggling ballerina to land that first pirouette and the more advanced ballerina get that 4th rotation down.

Make that spot spot-on: A messy spot will throw you off completely, keep it controlled and focused onto one object (a mark on the wall, your eyes in the mirror, etc.) A spot done correctly should keep you from being dizzy as you turn.

Tighten Up: Squeeze your stomach muscles! It will help you stay centered as you turn. Another little secret... clenching your butt also really helps!

Higher, not Faster: Pretend there is a string on the top of your head, pulling you up towards the ceiling. If you focus on going up, you will actually be able to do more rotations than if you focus on going fast.

Now it's time for your turn, literally! Try it out! Could you get another turn in than usual with one of these tips? Or did you do worse than usual? Leave me a comment and tell me if they worked!


  1. Hello, absolutely loving your blog, thank you so much !!!

  2. Ahh great!!! *happy dance* <-- ballet of course

  3. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

    Great analogy. The string idea really helps me and my classmates a lot, after explaining that to them.