Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Rise to the Top of Your Class

Every dancer wants to be the best in their entire class, to rise above all the rest. It's a great motivation to keep pushing yourself to that spot, but sometimes it just feels like a hopeless dream. Well, not anymore! With these easy steps, you should find yourself getting closer and closer to that prime position every class.

Perfect Your Posture
Although it may seem elementary posture is an essential for ballet, and if you perfect it your teacher will notice. Always keep the following in mind during class: head up, stomach in, pelvis under, turned out, shoulder down. You should remind yourself keep this posture up throughout the entire class.

Stretch Before Class
To become the most flexible in the class, you need to stretch in your free time. But a trick to appear much more flexible than you really are is to do a good hard stretch before class. That way once you get there you'll already be looser than most others, and you'll appear much more flexible when doing your class's routine stretches.

Listen To Your Teacher
This really cannot be stressed enough. Your teacher will take notice if you listen to her comments and critique, and if you keep in mind everything she tells the class to work on. Some girls will shrug off their personal critique, or not really take in what the teacher says to the whole class because she hasn't picked them out in particular. If you do listen, you'll definitely get praised.

Dress To Impress
Be sure to look neat and ready for ballet class. If you have a neat ballet bun and remembered all your dance stuff, you'll already have a leg-up over those who are unprepared or careless. If you have a strict dress code, abide to it. If not, buy a leotard that makes you feel confident and pretty in-- you WILL preform better.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Some dancers just practice the moves in class. If you practice outside of class, becoming the best is easy as pie. If you learn a pirouette in class, try perfecting it at home. Try learning a double-pirouette. If you go that extra mile, the teacher (and other students) will notice your improved skills.

It really only takes these simple steps to get to that next level. If you use them, you'll notice some vast improvements. So now that you know how, go out there and become the best in your class, beginner ballerina! And no, you don't have to thank me when you become a prima.


  1. There's one more step, tippytoes! Visualization!! There have been multiple studies on visualization that prove it can help your technique in addition to regular practice. Just visualize yourself doing the combinations or whatever from beginning to end with PERFECT FORM, and it truly will help. Look it up online. Seriously. It's been used in sports training forever. It's really helpful, too, when you are injured and can't do the actual moves.

  2. Thanks Flashnflaky! I tried this technique out really does work! I definitely believe in the power positive thinking.

  3. Wow, this is really helpful! I have a question though. I currently take only 2 ballet classes a week (1 hour each), and i REALLY want to take more. I practice and stretch every day but my mom refuses to pay for more lessons… she thinks i won't stay dedicated. I am trying to show her that i am and will work hard! Any tips?