Saturday, August 22, 2009

Leotard Woes: Feeling Lumpy, Bumpy and Grumpy?

A lot of teens feel uncomfortable in the classic leotard and tights. The purpose of this unform is to hug your body so it can be seen while you dance. However, for this same reason, some girls are bound to feel a little self-conscious.

Well, worry no more! Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable and look great! If you see a *** then that means this tip works even for girls who have a super strict dress code (black cami leo, pink tights, no exceptions).

(1) Tips for Arms

Not a fan of your arms? O maybe you just want a little more coverage in that area? Try a leotard with a sleeve instead of a camisole leotard. Sleves come short, 3/4 length, and in full. A few examples are shown below.

(2) Tips for your Butt & Thighs

Too bootyliscous for your leotard? Or just a little self-conscious? Try dance shorts or ballet skirt over your leo. In ballet these items should generally be kept short, but still do the trick. See some example below.

***(3) Tips for your Tummy

This one is simple. For a more defined waist and tighter tummy simply pull your tights up over your belly button. They suck in your tummy and the elastic creates a more noticible waist.

(4) Tips for your Torso and Neck

This one makes your whole torso appear more slender. Buy a leotar with princess seams, in a dark color or black, and with a V-neck to elongate the neck (long necks are prefered on professional ballerinas). See the examples below, all come in other colors.

***(5) Overall Tip

Carry yourself like a ballerina. Strong core, shoulders down, straight back, chin up. Be graceful and confident. You look 1000x better and will get props from your teacher for your improved performance :).

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  1. These are wonderful tips. I wish I had something like this to read when I was a beginner. The leotard photos are just lovely!