Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anaheim Ballet Dancer Started in College!

This video is extremely encouraging to anyone who didn't get to dance as a child. Vanessa Sah, who dances with the Anaheim Ballet, started taking ballet classes in college! It is possible to start late and find your place in this tough industry.


  1. thank you that was very encouraging:)

  2. I was a late starter as well and just opened a studio! Thank you for the encouraging video. Can't wait to post on my FB tonight!

  3. Awesome :) It goes to show you you are NOT too old! if you want to do it you can do it! Heck, I have been OUT of college for several years now and I am starting cheerleading. I Have my first try out next month :)

    You just have to love what you do, and work at it every day. Sure it may be easier as a kid (because they are more flexible), but adults are smarter and can learn at a much faster rate

    good luck with your dance

  4. What an encouraging video! I just started and I am in college. Look how good she is! This certainly increases my hope!